5 Reasons to Include Body Weights to Your Fitness Routine

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As gyms across the nation begin opening up, many people are beginning to design their new fitness plans. At Youfit, we preach the importance of including bodyweight exercises to your workout plans. For those unfamiliar, bodyweight training are exercises that are done using your own body as the force behind your exercise. Praised for its simplicity and easy accessibility, the body provides resistance while you work out. If you’re curious to know more about bodyweight exercises, continue reading!

Anyone Can Do It

A common concern for people considering beginning their fitness journey is their experience in exercise. Many people stop going to the gym because they feel they are inexperienced and are uncomfortable. What’s the difference between bodyweight exercise and regular exercise or weight training? It can be easily modified depending on the person working out. You have the freedom to add reps, shorten breaks, or accelerate the pace, the choice is up to you!


Where fitness fads come and go, bodyweight exercises have been here since the dawn of time. Bodyweight exercises comprise numerous elements, including both cardio and strength training, which keeps the workouts fresh. Ballistic movements can also help prevent certain movements from becoming routine to muscles, keeping the process moving!

Core Work

One of the main parts of your body that will thank you for bodyweight workouts is your core. Core strength can benefit you in so many ways, including alleviating lower back pain to improving your posture. Bodyweight exercises are also a terrific way to engage the muscles, strengthen the trunk of the body, and increase injury prevention and recovery time. And don’t be surprised if your flexibility and balance also become better as a result.

Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere

If the gym feels overcrowded, you can still get quality exercise in a relatively small area. The best part of bodyweight exercises is that it can be done anytime, anywhere. If the only space is in the back of the free-weights, then knock out 10 pushups as you wait for the next bench to open up.

Results Guaranteed

Bodyweight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit! Great to begin looking into during this pandemic, bodyweight exercises are also a great way to feel great and look toned without making any financial investments. Also, many professionals recommend including various bodyweight exercises in bodybuilding fitness programs as a way to ensure users activate all areas of their muscles!

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