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Which Gym in Pinellas Park Has the Best Perks for Parents?

At Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St, our team members strive to improve the lives of not only themselves but every member of the Youfit family! A membership at Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St is not just a pass to the best weightlifting and cardio equipment available, but it’s your ticket into your local […]

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5 Reasons to Include Body Weights to Your Fitness Routine

As gyms across the nation begin opening up, many people are beginning to design their new fitness plans. At Youfit, we preach the importance of including bodyweight exercises to your workout plans. For those unfamiliar, bodyweight training are exercises that are done using your own body as the force behind your exercise. Praised for its […]

Treadmill vs. Running Outside

If you ask anyone if they prefer to run outside or on a treadmill, you will most likely get a mixed response. Neither group is wrong. It’s a matter of preference, But many swear by the treadmill because they prefer a machine that is not subject to the weather and presents a timed and more […]

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Find an Affordable Gym in Pinellas Park

Are you currently enrolled in a gym? If you are, are you pleased with the services there? Do you think there’s much more you could be enjoying for your membership? While there’s certainly plenty of gyms to choose from in Florida, the truth is that we at Youfit are not only in the business of […]

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Why Not Take a Fitness Class?

Today, there are so may fitness classes to choose from at a variety of gyms in Pinellas Park. But at Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, group fitness classes are definitely something to look forward to. To say a group fitness class is dull means you haven’t tried any Youfit’s classes yet. At Youfit, […]