Which Gym in Pinellas Park Has the Best Perks for Parents?

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At Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St, our team members strive to improve the lives of not only themselves but every member of the Youfit family! A membership at Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St is not just a pass to the best weightlifting and cardio equipment available, but it’s your ticket into your local Youfit community. The first step to a better life is signing up for your Youfit membership. With a Youfit membership, you can help better yourself mentally and physically today! And whenever you begin to feel down or in a rut in your fitness journey, the team at Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St will be right by your side to help pick you up; because what’s a family without support?

Allow us to remind you just how powerful you are. You have a life outside the gym: family obligations, raising children, and a career. Life seems to always be a juggling act, but where does physical health come into the picture? We often can neglect our physical health by getting wrapped up in the highs and lows of everything else that consumes our life. But do you know where you can get that needed “you” time while also develop a happier, healthier lifestyle? Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St of course! Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St is home to numerous amenities and gym perks that make it the perfect gym for you!

The first amenity we’ll discuss is the Child Care facility. The miracle of life is a beautiful, natural phenomenon that can sweep the hearts of all parents…until you need some personal time. Many parents feel they can’t go to the gym and exercise because they don’t have either the time or resources to have someone else watch their child. Fortunately, Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St offers Child Care as an available in-club addition to your Youfit membership! From 8 am to noon every day and from 4 pm to 8 pm on weekdays, drop your kids off at our Child Care facility, and give yourself some time to exercise! Gone are the days of worrying about your child while you’re out of the house. Now, you can go the gym and know your child is enjoying some time with other kids in a room right next to you!

If you have other family obligations that limit your time in the gym, Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St has two amenities that can help you get a quality workout in an efficient but effective manner. The first amenity is Youfit’s 30-Minute Express Circuit. The Express Circuit consists of short interval exercises that require minimal effort and focus, meaning you can get a quality workout in only half an hour! We want you to leave Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St feeling successful and better than when you walked in, which is why the Express Circuit is so great! Walk-in and maximize every available minute you have with a quality total body workout. Even if you have never lifted a weight in your entire life, the Express Circuit is for you! Why? Because the Express Circuit walks you through all the basic exercises and equipment needed to advance you from a novice to an intermediate lifter without a hitch. Try it out for yourself today!

The second amenity that Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St offers to help our members get a quality workout is our new Youfit at Home online workouts! Youfit at Home is a Facebook Live 30-minute workout where you can join your favorite YouGX Group Exercise Class instructor to get an amazing workout from the comfort of your own home. The best part? Youfit at Home online workouts change each week, so we recommend you come into the gym to check out the schedule of the workouts for the week and find out which online class you can get in!

No matter how long you exercise or how often you exercise, you still should congratulate yourself for taking a step in the right direction! The team at Youfit Pinellas Park – 66th St is here to help you excel in the weight room and get you on track for your fitness journey. Conveniently located just south of Park Blvd. N and 66th St N, stop in today to speak to a team member about signing up for an affordable membership. Remember, we are stronger together!