Why Not Take a Fitness Class?

Best Youfit in PINELLAS PARK

Today, there are so may fitness classes to choose from at a variety of gyms in Pinellas Park. But at Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, group fitness classes are definitely something to look forward to. To say a group fitness class is dull means you haven’t tried any Youfit’s classes yet. At Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, we offer our members a unique variety of classes such as African Dance, Barre, Bodypump, Jillian Michaels high intensity Bodyshred, Buti Yoga, Cardio Kickbox, Commit Dance Fitness, Pilates, Zumba and much more. You’ll be so motivated to take our classes because our instructors always look like they are having a blast. And that is because they love what they are doing—and it shows. Once you become a member, you will see first-hand how their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Here are five benefits of taking a fitness class:

  1. We will motivate you – At Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, our instructors are all about projecting high energy onto you! They are all about motivating people and pushing them to challenge themselves a little further. 
  • Group support – You can keep up with the steps in a Zumba class or not, or completely mess up a position in a Yoga class. You are there to have fun. There is also safety in numbers. You might feel more secure working out in a group than on a machine if you are unsure of how to use it.
  • Variety – If your fitness goals are to tone and firm up, then Youfit in Pinellas Park is the perfect gym for you with a fun variety of classes that range from beginner to advanced levels. Perfect for weight loss, many of our classes are aerobic-based like Zumba, cycling, kickboxing and African dance. 
  • Boosts energy – Group classes energize you so that you’ll feel great all day. Work out in the morning and benefits will last all day. Group classes in Pinellas Park can actually help to release feel-good endorphins that will keep you smiling.
  • Go at your own pace – At Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, our classes are designed for all levels of fitness. Take a beginner class or challenge yourself at a level higher with a more intense aerobic workout. 

Whatever you choose to do to keep fit, at Youfit, the best gym in Pinellas Park, we understand that the hardest part of any exercise program is starting. Call us today for more information and let us help you begin your workout at our fitness center in Pinellas Park. At Youfit in Pinellas Park, there is a class for everyone and for every level of fitness. We also have personal trainers who can customize an exercise program for you because at Youfit, it’s all about you! Call us today for more information about all of the classes we offer and our gym in general, or just stop by to visit us in our Pinellas Park location at 6421 66th St. N., Pinellas Park, FL 33781. You can also call us at 727-541-7296 or check our website for the latest class information and times.